This is a page for families (with Dutch roots) who married a Wiersema

A lot of people from the Netherlands emigrated to the USA, also Wiersema's. Nowadays many people are interested in their roots. A lot of Wiersema's married a husband or wife with roots in the Netherlands and sometimes in Germany. On this site you will find the ancestors of the husband or wife of a Wiersema. The Wiersema's stand on the alphabetical order by first name. Click on the red name and you will see the pedigree. I realize the family overviews are not complete. They are only meant to give a global overview. I have not checked the data in the archives. 


If you don't find your family name, while she or he was married with a Wiersema, please mail me and I'll try to find your ancestors.

The surnames of the people who were married with a Wiersema are devided over the next pages.

107 dutch families

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Wiersema birth date birth place married with birth date birth place

Alice abt 7-1869 USA John Aardappel abt 1866 Indiana,USA
Albert (Earl) 13-6-1881 Warfhuizen, NL Jennie E. Achterhof
2-2-1886 Ulrum,NL
John R. 24-8-19.. Mirrison,ILL,USA Phiyllis Achterhof abt 19.. Illinois,USA
Garbrant Sierts 24-7-1885 Uith'meeden Loudina Aggen
27-12-1887 Illinois,USA
Anna 18-8-1896 Whiteside,ILL,USA Thomas Aikens
26-12-1888 Winschoten,NL
Elmer J. 4-8-1902 Illinois,USA Jeanette Amman abt 1903 Fulton,ILL,USA
Renzie J. 1-12-1873 Illinois,USA Alice Ammon 1-1883 Illinois,USA

John J. (Bud) 10-7-1909 USA Esther Peterdean Barsema
6-8-1911 Chicago,ILL,USA
Etta 5-1888 Illinois,USA Peter Barsema
11-9-1885 Illinois,USA
Jan Eisses 7-1-1852 Uithuizen,NL Trijntje Bierma
19-4-1849 Uithuizen,NL
Marvin 28-4-19.. Illinois,USA Florence G. Boelkens
7-5-19.. Garden Pl,ILL,USA
Richard John 22-11-1886 Saaksum,NL Rose Boersma
abt 1890 NL
Geert (George) 11-2-1860 Wittewierum,NL Elizabeth Bos
9-1866 Illinois,USA
Jacob 1-7-1865 Eenrum,NL Grietje Bos 22-9-1866 Eenrum,NL
Harry Louis 5-6-1899 Muskegon,MI,USA Grace E Broekema abt 1904 Michigan,USA
Richard John 11-9-1907 Chicago,ILL,USA Anna Broersma
30-8-1906 Chicago,ILL,USA
Cornelius(Neal) 15-1-1895 USA Jessie Brummel 8-11-1889 USA
Siert Garbrand 27-8-1845 Bedum,NL Johanna Buikema
23-12-1848 Uith'meeden,NL
David(Drewes) 18-2-1870 Pieterburen,NL Anna Buis
3-1876 Illinois,USA
Abel 5-11-1867 Rasquert,NL Martha Bulthuis
2-5-1870 Groningen,NL
Leon Conrad 23-10-19.. Michigan,USA Hazel Greta van Bunte  19.. USA
Thomas(Peter) 1-8-1901 Ustick,ILL,USA Martha Byland
2-1-1904 Schouwerzijl,NL

Sidney(Siert) 25-10-19.. Maple Lake,USA Wilma Cooper
1-11-19.. Michigan,USA