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hello nice to hear from you. my ancestors were farmers and labourers
rich and poor. weirsemas do hold thw famille wapen which is correct
they were wealthy farmers from groningen area as you know. do you know the weirsemas are still farmers in fryslan. if you dig a bit deeper. have you heared of de vos van steenwick. they were and still are wealthy barons. i believe they had work with parilament. and farmers. we havve a du quesnoy in the family and i belive they were from flanders originally. e.mail me and we can help to find more ancestors. yours faithfully john de vries

john de vries - 22-09-2011 - 18:08

My family came from Gronigen and Lopersum, to USA 1900
He started a garbage company in Chicago,
Grandma was a Vander Leest.
the ggrandparents are buried in Gronigen, Bouke and Bokke Burema Wiersema

Judith Wiersema - 07-08-2011 - 22:56

Hi John, can noy find your website. Please contact me via info(AD)familiewiersema.nl Thanks. Frans

Frans Krom - 31-05-2011 - 08:48


hallo my namm is john de vries from england the wiersimas from groningen and bouwman are recently found relatives. please look at this website antjos.com my famile are the de vries my great great great granfather was a boslopper some of the family were noble farmers in the 15 century. but due to war and feudal familys they burnt each others castles down. we have some famous relatives also from 300 yrs ago. du quesnoy. was a famous sulpture in italy .and painter who trained with rembrant i believe and a captain klassen of a war ship for william the orange.

john de vries - 30-05-2011 - 23:42

Dear Frans, This is my first visit to your website. There is so much information here and I am very impressed with all your work. My father is Stephen Wiersema of Holland, MI originally from Fulton, IL. His father is David Wiersema. My sister has done work on our family tree and I will make that information available to you. Happy Holidays to all Wiersemas everywhere

Stephanie J Wiersema-Harter - 14-12-2010 - 17:19

Beste Frans,
Met belangstelling en plezier ben ik in eerste instantie hier en daar door je fraaie website heengegaan. Je hebt een flink stuk werk verricht en er veel tijd aan besteed. Het mag er ook zijn, het ziet er gelikt uit. Werkelijk... het is prachtig, mijn complimenten. Wens jou en Georgien Prettige Feestdagen en vooral een Voorspoedig Nieuwjaar. Daarnaast veel succes met alle ontwikkelingen.
Met hartelijke groeten, Piet Hein.

Piet-Hein Krom - 13-12-2010 - 19:45

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